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Honour your word at Planet in Focus Festival, Toronto

Friends in GTA, Honour your word has been selected at the Planet in focus festival (November 6-9, 2014). HYW will screen November 7 at 3pm in the Nat Taylor Theatre, York University (Steeles/Keele). Director Martha Stiegman will be present for Q&A session following the screening. Amis-es de Toronto, Tenez votre parole a été sélectionné au …read more

Tenez votre parole en Turquie

Tenez votre parole a été sélectionné au Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary en Turquie! Programmation et horaire à venir. +++++ Honour your word, a film by Martha Stiegman, has been selected at the Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary in Turkey. Program and schedule to come. http://www.bifed.org/en/bifed-2014-finalists-for-the-competition/

Multi-Monde au Ciné-Bazar

Heureux d’avoir fait partie du Médiafilm Ciné-Bazar CinÉcole pour une deuxième année consécutive. Le meilleur endroit pour rencontrer les plus férus cinéphiles! À l’année prochaine!! – Nadine Gomez

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20 Centavos (20 cents)


a film by Tiago Tambelli

produced by Lente Viva Filmes

Multi-Monde’s newest addition to its collection, the Brazilian documentary, 20 Centavos (20 Cents), has been selected by the prestigious Jihalva International Documentary Film Festival (Czech Republic) in the section Opus Bonum.

20 cents (documentary – 53 min.) portrays “the social and political turmoil triggered by the hike in public transit fares in São Paulo in 2013.The main characters are the streets, the public spaces taken by the voice of the protesters. The dialogue is constructed by billboards, placards and by the cries and demands of the protestors.The result is a portrait of a zeitgeist, a spirit of an era yet unknown in Brazil, marking the emergence of a new form of political activism that comes from a deep crisis in representative democracy. At the same time, it is a cinematic experiment that emulates behind the camera the same principles it registers in front of it: a collaborative, horizontal and non-hierarchical film.

Distribution representative : Diffusion Multi-Monde © 2014

Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoX3dl-vucI


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