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Lettres d’amour et de guerre: “human voices with a capital H” au Centre Pompidou

by Sabrina Mathews The Centre Pompidou in Paris included my film, Lettres d’amour et de guerre (A time of love and war), as part of their programming for Le mois de la documentaire in November 2014. The theme was “war letters” and the films address conflicts from the First World War through WWII, Vietnam, Algeria, …read more

Lettres d’amour et de guerre de Sabrina Mathews à Paris

Lettres d’amour et de guerre de Sabrina Mathews sera présenté le vendredi 21 novembre, 20h, au Cinéma de la Bibliothèque, Centre Pompidou à Paris en présence de la réalisatrice. Le film est présenté dans le cadre du Cycle de films documentaires: Lettres d’un Temps de guerre (du 7 au 27 novembre 2014). Lettres d’amour et …read more

Honour your word at Planet in Focus Festival, Toronto

Friends in GTA, Honour your word has been selected at the Planet in focus festival (November 6-9, 2014). HYW will screen November 7 at 3pm in the Nat Taylor Theatre, York University (Steeles/Keele). Director Martha Stiegman will be present for Q&A session following the screening. Amis-es de Toronto, Tenez votre parole a été sélectionné au …read more

The End of Immigration ?

Guy family at airport_380

a film by Marie Boti and Malcolm Guy FACEBOOK PAGE

Documentary, HD/52 min/s-t Eng

Original version: French, English, Spanish

© 2012 Productions Multi-Monde

Canada’s expanding migrant worker program marks the end of an era in immigration. Should Canadians be worried?

In Canada, when we think of “temporary workers,” the image that comes to mind are the seasonal agricultural workers who have been working in our fields for the past 40 years, or the live-in nannies and maids from the Philippines. But these days, temporary foreign workers are found in all sectors: fast food, service stations, city bus drivers.

Canada, a country with a reputation as a “land of immigrants,” appears to taking its cue from places like Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia that run on temporary foreign workers.

The one-hour documentary, The End of Immigration?, uncovers a trend which is having a profound impact on the society in which we live, where there will be citizens with full rights, and “rent-a-workers” with few or none.

By comparing the situation of these temporary workers with that of their own parents who arrived in Canada as unskilled workers in the last century, the filmmakers uncover a hidden world that’s as close as the MacDonald’s on the corner. And they ask the crucial question: is this the kind of society we want to build?


Official film trailer

Directed and written by    Marie Boti and Malcolm Guy

Produced by    Lucie Pageau

Director of photography    Alex Margineanu, Marcelo Riveros

Sound recording    Malcolm Guy

Editor    Vincent Guignard

Original music    Aras Bukauskas

Associate producer    Marlene Edoyan


Produced with the assistance of:

FMC-CMF  Canadian Media Fund

Québec – Tax credits – administered by SODEC

Canada – Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit

Société de développement des entreprises culturelles Québec  – SODEC

Radio Canada – Télévision