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Lettres d’amour et de guerre: “human voices with a capital H” au Centre Pompidou

by Sabrina Mathews The Centre Pompidou in Paris included my film, Lettres d’amour et de guerre (A time of love and war), as part of their programming for Le mois de la documentaire in November 2014. The theme was “war letters” and the films address conflicts from the First World War through WWII, Vietnam, Algeria, …read more

Lettres d’amour et de guerre de Sabrina Mathews à Paris

Lettres d’amour et de guerre de Sabrina Mathews sera présenté le vendredi 21 novembre, 20h, au Cinéma de la Bibliothèque, Centre Pompidou à Paris en présence de la réalisatrice. Le film est présenté dans le cadre du Cycle de films documentaires: Lettres d’un Temps de guerre (du 7 au 27 novembre 2014). Lettres d’amour et …read more

Honour your word at Planet in Focus Festival, Toronto

Friends in GTA, Honour your word has been selected at the Planet in focus festival (November 6-9, 2014). HYW will screen November 7 at 3pm in the Nat Taylor Theatre, York University (Steeles/Keele). Director Martha Stiegman will be present for Q&A session following the screening. Amis-es de Toronto, Tenez votre parole a été sélectionné au …read more

Figure of Armen


a film by Marlene Edoyan

Documentary, HD/74 min/s-t Eng
Original version: Armenian

© 2012 Fauvefilms

Official web site: http://figuredarmen.ca/

The feature-length documentary had its world premiere at the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) 2012 and will next be presented (with the director present) at the  Golden Apricot Film Festival in Yerevan in July 2013.


Figure of Armen is a poetic journey across the highlands of the South Caucasus, a region of the world that boasts a rich and ancient history. Through a series of colourful characters, the filmmaker explores the daily lives of Armenians in the Armenian countryside and its surrounding territories. Personal testimonies and intimate storytelling help us understand how things have changed in the region since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. In the aftermath of a destructive war and a devastating earthquake we come face-to-face with a society grappling with the idea of a national rebirth.


Drawn to the idea of reconnecting with her ancestral homeland, the filmmaker, Marlene Edoyan embarks on a road trip across the countryside and villages of Armenia and the two Armenian-populated territories of neighbouring Republics of Georgia and Nagorno-Karabakh. These regions play a decisive role in the social, economic and political life of Armenia. Through songs, stories, poems and chance encounters with villagers, the author learns how Armenians living in the South Caucasus are coping with the advent of independence and “democracy”, two decades after the breakup of the USSR.  The effects of a devastating earthquake in 1988, followed by a bloody war with Azerbaijan have made the country very fragile.

Each story and experience is unique. As we move through the various territories the issues of border tensions, language, ethnicity and cultural heritage become prevalent. Each community has a battle to fight. The recurrent theme throughout the film however remains the same: the challenge of residing and making a living in one’s homeland. While some are hopeful and proud, others are discouraged and bleak about the prospects of a better future. Figure of Armen captures a unique point in time where Armenian villages are being emptied out due to mass exodus from rural communities. On this breath-taking cinematic journey we witness what binds the people to this land and its legacy. A powerful portrait of a nation and the universal issues of language, identity, migration, freedom, love and war.